Unique accuracy in contact tracing without personal data

100% precision in analysis – 100% secure privacy – 100% visibility: SAFEDI records close contacts and analyses chains of infection much more accurate than any smartphone app – without using any personal data, without any misadjustment while using, without any accidental deactivation.

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Over 70.000 satisfied users.

100% visibility

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Easy to use

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Easy to wear


Close Contact Tracing Journal

Each SAFEDI is assigned to a close contact tracing journal, which records all SAFEDI-IDs that have not maintained the safe distance in the warning range, without using any personal data. By recording both IDs, the so-called double check, SAFEDI provides world‘s best contact tracing. The transmission works via Bluetooth® by using SAFEDI Synchro Hub.

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Unique quality in data analysis

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100% secure privacy

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Keeps your company operating in case of an infection

SAFEDI Portal: Close contact analysis and statistics

By entering a case of infection, the SAFEDI portal lists all close contacts respectively the recorded SAFEDI-ID of the persons concerned. This allows the person of trust to inform them accordingly.

Most accurate close contact analysis

Anonymous and safe

Helpful key figures for optimal use of SAFEDI

SAFEDI Synchro Hub

SAFEDI Synchro Hub is a stand alone solution, which serves you as charging station and at the same time synchronizes the SAFEDI IDs into the Anonymous close contact tracing journal.

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No private smartphone needed

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SAFEDI is always in your company and always charged

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SAFEDI is always synchronized

SAFEDI Eventbox

The SAFEDI Eventbox is the ultimate solution for events and seminars. It enables the connection between a SAFEDI and a ticket or a confirmation of participation via NFC. Scope of supply SAFEDI Eventbox

  • 60 SAFEDIs
  • Portable suitcase
  • LTE-capable SAFEDI Synchro Hub to use SAFEDI Eventbox without W-LAN for up to 180 SAFEDIs
  • Charging station for  up to 60 SAFEDIs 
  • Controller to transfer SAFEDI into transportation mode


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Mobile and versatile

Group 8

Connection with a ticket possible

Group 12

Ready for use without need of WLAN

Made in Austria

SAFEDI is a subsidiary of the Heron Innovations Factory. SAFEDI was developed in Vorarlberg and is manufactured and sold on site in Dornbirn.