SAFEDI is a lightweight (0.03 lbs), coinsized clip that is worn on the upper part of the body, close to  to the facial area which is particularly susceptible to infections. Should the minimum distance not be maintained, SAFEDI starts emitting visual and optional auditory warning signals and the respective SAFEDI-ID is recorded into a close contact tracing journal until the minimum distance is reestablished again. Thanks to its constant visibility, SAFEDI reminds everyone to keep a safe distance.


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How SAFEDI works


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Depending on the environment and the reflection surface (e.g. table surface), the alarm is triggered when the minimum distance is not maintained. In addition to assistance with keeping distance, the recording of close contacts is important.

If minimum distance is exceeded, there is a resulting flashing red light and an optional acoustic warning signal.

The SAFEDI distance control works via Bluetooth, when two SAFEDIs come too close to each other.