Anonymous Close Contact Tracing Journal

Each SAFEDI is assigned to an anonymous close contact tracing journal, which records all SAFEDI-IDs that have not maintained the safe distance in the warning range, without using any personal data. By recording both IDs, the so-called double check, SAFEDI provides world‘s best contact tracing. The transmission works via Bluetooth® by using SAFEDI Synchro Hub

How it works

Each SAFEDI device comes with a unique SAFEDI-ID. To take advantage of the Anonymous Close Contact Retracing Journal, each user can log onto the SAFEDI App with this ID and the unique QR Code. Both are included in the package.

Data Transfer

The contacts stored in the SAFEDI are transferred anonymously via the SAFEDI Synchro Hub to the SAFEDI Cloud, where they are stored.

Secure Privacy: no data

To keep the close contact journal updated, the device solely uses the SAFEDI-ID without any personal data: no name, gender, day, time or locations. All data other than the possible incubation period are automatically deleted.

Activating the Warning System

If a proven infection occurs, all SAFEDIs that were in close contact with the SAFEDI of the infected person are notified.


The notification takes places via the SAFEDI Portal. Each person remains anonymous.


The benefit of using the Anonymous Close Contact Tracing Journal is only working if SAFEDIS are not exchanged among the employees. There has to be one SAFEDI per employee.


If two SAFEDIs are within the warning range for longer than three seconds, both SAFEDI-IDs will be saved in the respective close contact journal. A Magenta flash and a short acoustic signal indicates the entry.

The close contacts can be viewed in the SAFEDI-Portal. Only the chosen person of trust has access to the SAFEDI Portal.

In the SAFEDI-Portal there is the possibility for the person of trust to enter a password protected infection case, in order to activate the close contact analysis.

All close contacts with the affected to the infection case are listed in the password protected SAFEDI-Portal. Through this, the person of trust contacts all SAFEDI-IDs that have had close contact with the infected SAFEDI-ID.